Tucked away in a town so tiny it isn't found on most maps,  singer-songwriter Emily Barnes can be found sitting on the stone steps of her 200 year old home stitching together the latest melody from the fabric of her mind.  That is on the rare occasion she is home.  For the past few years, Emily has been tirelessly trekking down the open road playing venues of all shapes and sizes stopping listeners dead in their tracks with a voice that cuts to the bone and songs that pull on the heart strings.  

 Now a nationally touring artist, Barnes continues to build a grassroots following from city to small town, one new believer at a time.  Like the house she sometimes rests her head in, Emily is an old soul and her live performances stand the test of time.  There is a feeling one gets when witnessing something authentic and rare, and that aura permeates the room at an Emily Barnes show.  

Her debut album Beautiful Goodbyes was released in January 2014, her duo album Closer to Home in 2015, and her highly anticipated follow up solo album "Let in the Light" is due out March 10th.  

"Beautiful Goodbyes" is now available for online purchase, and downloading on CDbaby and iTunes.



"Did we just hear angels sing from the heavens... no, that was Emily Barnes with her soul churning performance at the Block Island Music Festival. Beautiful vocals filling our ears with original music. Sweet melodies from a real singer songwriter. Emily Barnes delivered a stellar performance. If you want a unique musical experience, hit play and be mesmerized. " -Campus Films Studios 

"Hushed acoustic strings that induce sways; a lilting voice that establishes intimacy and seeps into the soul. "Beautiful Goodbyes," the debut album from Johnsonburg's Emily Barnes, is a sojourn into the heart and mind of the 22-year-old singer/songwriter." - NJ Herald

"Certainly one can say Emily Barnes is outstanding in her field!!" - Groove in the Grove Songwriters Festival 

"Can you catch Emily Barnes? Her new single is a smash and when her star begins to rise it might rise too fast to be able to catch her." imoveilive.com

"It looks like she's becoming a staple in the Northwest NJ indie scene"- Mandy Del Rio The Indie Lounge

"Emily Barnes, a must see!"

"Saw you at Rickey Farm, you are so amazing!! You brought tears to my eyes. Can't wait to hear you again."

"If you haven't seen Emily Barnes, you should!"

"Listening to your CD I purchased from you today. It is fantastic! Keep on pushing, your gonna go places with all that talent you have! Keep on rockin'!"