​Emily Barnes is more than just a musician; she’s a storyteller that sets the lives of her characters to music. Her sophomore release Let in the Light should be both required reading and listening for anyone who is feeling or has ever felt fractured by life.” - Divide and Conquer


With a voice that cuts to the bone and songs that pull on the heart strings, Emily Barnes has the ability to turn any room into a listening room.  

 With a diverse four albums and many miles under her belt, Barnes is a seasoned singer-songwriter who continues to build a grassroots following from city to small town, one new believer at a time. Her most recent release, Rare Birds, thrust her onto the national stage including a trip to the highly coveted Kerrville Folk Festival. Now based in Colorado, Barnes writes vivid songs of empathy, love and perseverance over lush melodies.  

There is a feeling one gets when witnessing something authentic and rare, and that aura permeates the room at an Emily Barnes show.


Album Release Party w/ Mike Herz

Swallow Hill , 71 E Yale Ave, Denver, CO 80210

Swallow Hill is the premier listening room of Denver featuring an intimate theater to showcase original singer/songwriter music. Join Emily Barnes as she releases her lates album "Mint Condition" with long time musical companion Mike Herz. Emily Barnes has the ability to turn any room into a listening room, and has grown her following the grassroots way from city to small town with a voice that stops listeners in their tracks. Now, a seasoned songwriter with many years under her belt, Barnes' writes songs sure to make you feel like she's ripped a page out of your very own diary. Mike Herz has been writing songs for the past decade and has an ability to turn a phrase like no other. With appearances on stages such as Rocky Mountain Folks Festival, and Godfrey Daniels, Mike is sure to leave you with a line that dances around your head for years to come. Making his way to Colorado by way of New Jersey, you don't want to miss him performing out West. Barnes and Herz formerly played in a duo called Closer to Home where they were compared to the likes of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez and brought a stage dynamic that was authentic and real. There has been talk of a special Closer to Home song or two at the event that you surely don't want to miss.